We differentiate in an inital and a maintenance phase.

Initial phase

In this phase, funding is mainly needed for

  • purchase of land
  • permit engineering
  • preparation of the building site
  • purchase of building material
  • feeding aid workers
  • paying aid workers
  • purchase and install communal equipment

To cover those initial costs, we want to tap several sources:

  • deposits of the community
  • donations / crowdfunding
  • public funding schemes
  • bank loan to be safeguarded by the deposits and to be redeemed by rental revenues

Maintenance phase

Depending on the level of self-sufficiency, maintainance costs arise, for example:

  • utilities (water, electricity, assurances, land tax, street cleaning, waste disposal)
  • repair and maintenance of communal equipment (of solar plants, septic tanks, …)
  • upkeep of animals, agriculture, schooling, renting out guests rooms
  • redemption of loans taken out for funding of the initial phase

These costs shall be covered by different sources of income:

  • rental revenues from the habitants
  • revenues by renting out guest and/or seminar rooms
  • revenues by dealing with food items

All of these positions shall be defined more precisely in the further course.